Clean water is critical to sustain life, yet we take it for granted.

It’s time for that to change.

This is a pivotal time in history for the water profession and society as whole. Environmental issues have come to the forefront. Climate change and “going green” have become everyday topics but protecting our drinking water and wastewater systems has remained mostly overlooked.

In recent years, federal and state investment in water projects has declined dramatically. In many cases, current utility rates paid by customers do not reflect the true cost of service. Delaying work to rehabilitate and expand infrastructure will only increase future costs.

The world’s water supply is finite. Unreliable access to clean water and water services, water shortages, and failing infrastructure systems are very real problems that we must work together to address. Water is a valuable resource that can be recovered and reused if managed wisely.

Future generations are relying on us to find innovative and holistic ways to ensure adequate and safe water supplies. Meaningful change requires a collective effort to change how we value and manage our water resources.

Everyone shares responsibility for our water. The decision-makers on Capitol Hill. The water professionals who have dedicated their careers to providing these vital services. And everyone who turns on a tap or flushes a toilet.

We must ALL work together to keep our water clean and healthy. To do that, we each need to learn to value water. We need to invest our time and energy in protecting our natural resources and infrastructure.

And we need to come together to share an important message:


It’s worth your respect, your effort, your passion, your health, your effort, and your loyalty.

Be as good to water as water’s been to you. Join us by taking the WATER’S WORTH IT Pledge Today!